Facilitators & Speakers

Amy Cameron
Lab 3 Participant

I work with the carbon cutting campaign 10:10, leading our Community Crowdfunding campaign stream. Having been involved in the formation of the Solar Schools project three years ago, I’m passionate about the use of crowdfunding as a way for individuals and communities to engage with issues and one another. I’m also a big advocate of the ongoing need to create climate change campaigns that resonate with wider social demographics and which foster ground up action led by less likely voices. Previous study of organising and leadership has furthered my commitment to effective volunteer participation and the need for non-hierarchical network structures within campaigns.

In my former life I trained as a vet, the skills from which have absolutely no discernible impact on anything I now do… Outside of work I’m mostly concerned with feminism, baking, gym-ing, eating and theatre. Not necessarily in that order.

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