Facilitators & Speakers

Bec Sanderson
Lab 4 Participant

I’m a researcher at the Public Interest Research Centre. ‘Values’ and ‘frames’ are two words that summarise the main focus of my work. Since joining PIRC, I have run research for, and helped write up, a number of projects in different sectors – for instance No Cause is an Island, a collaboration with Scope and WWF to analyse effective charity communication; Valuing Equality, a review of tolerance indicators in Europe, and Building Bridges, about the framing of human rights in British newspapers. I’m currently researching people’s beliefs and attitudes towards LGBTI rights across the European Union, and I’m leading PIRC’s contribution to the Framing the Economy project. I’m an experienced facilitator, and am always trying to develop creative, participative ways of running workshops. I’m also trying to move beyond research and reports and do more work that helps build and sustain social movements. Originally from London, I now live in the beautiful ad-free surrounds of Snowdonia and am sometimes quite smug about it.

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