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Leo Murray
Lab 3 Participant

Leo Murray is a climate nut who is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to find effective responses to the challenge that climate change poses to modern industrial society. Co-founded and was a driving force behind Plane Stupid; got taken to the High Court by BAA over the Climate Camp; wrote, directed and animated acclaimed internet short on climate tipping points, Wake Up, Freak Out – Then Get a Grip; worked as Lead Animator on climate blockbuster The Age of Stupid; co-founded 10:10 and designed its original campaign strategy; directed internet shorts The Impossible Hamster, The Vampire Squid, Carbon Omissions and many others for green NGOs; conceived and produced iPhone Bumblebee app Pooter; founded and direct wild play non-profit Monkey-Do CIC; founding director of the Edge Fund; supported NEON in its embryonic phase; conceived, launched and manage the Back Balcombe campaign to support Britain’s first ‘fracking village’ to go solar; conceived and am currently producing the Look Up solar prospecting mobile web app for community energy practitioners; and father to two wonderful children.

Leo is a serial activist entrepeneur and visual storyteller with a restless spirit of adventure, a lot of love, a lot of rage, a light heart and a soft tread.

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