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Martin Vainstein
Lab 4 Participant

Coming from Argentina, a country blighted by extractivism, I have developed a passion for environmental protection and human rights. Seeing the disastrous impacts that such strict adherence to a form of economic ideology has wreaked on my country, has sparked my desire to help make a contribution to stop these injustices that are occurring in Latin America and throughout the world.

Transnational corporations, international institutions and governments are applying neoliberal policies. But these ones, while trying to ensure higher production levels, do not take into account the true social and environmental costs and thus result in grave social inequality and exploitation of the world’s natural resources. Extractivism is no less than a new type of colonialism.

All the above has lead me to be a campaigner with particular focus over the past year on building relationship with communities most affected by climate change both in the Global North and the Global South. As a proud part of the Movimiento Jaguar Despierto and the Wretched of the Earth family I have been in an ongoing learning process, working in order to bring to the fore issues of climate injustice on the part of oppressed communities from across the Global South.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

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