Facilitators & Speakers

Tatiana Garavito
Lab 3 Participant

Tatiana Garavito is a migrant woman who has been campaigning and advocating for Latin American migrants for over 10 years since she first arrived to the UK, first for the Indoamerican Refugee and Migrants Organisation (IRMO), a community led organisation supporting Latin Americans in south London and recently as the Director for the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS).

During these past years, Tatiana has coordinated projects supporting young Latin Americans from first and second generations including refugees and unaccompanied children negotiating their way in the UK to make it their home, struggling with identity issues and trying to improve their current opportunities. She has also provided immigration advice to families and members of the community; and this year, she started working for an organisation supporting Latin American women facing multiple discrimination on the basis of: gender, immigration status and race.

This year, LAWRS also established a national network of migrant led organisations that have put together #MigrantsContribute, a campaign that aims to challenge the negative and harmful discourse towards migrants in the run up of the next general election.

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