Facilitators & Speakers

Maggie Hayes
Lab 3 Participant

I am Maggie Hayes and I am a community organiser at the National Union of Students. My work is based on our values of collectivism and that as a voice, we are louder when we come together. We have wanted to challenge the way we build and develop our movement by ensuring we are led by our students; that we are bottom up. We have been challenging what the role of a leader is. We had 10 pilot projects during the year 2013-2014 to test out how organising works in the student movement context, working alongside our democratic representational structures. My role has been to coordinate these projects as well as learn from the outcomes to consider the training we should develop around organising principles. Supporting students’ unions to adopt community organising principles has been a real learning curve for us and we are excited to see the way it builds power and develops leaders. Alongside this, I have developed ways for us to align organising principles in to what we already do and to reactive campaigns that arise.

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