Facilitators & Speakers

Saoirse Fitzpatrick
Lab 4 Participant

I have been an active campaigner on environmental and global health justice issues for over 8 years. I’m currently working at STOPAIDS coordinating the Missing Medicines campaign – aiming to reform our profit-driven model for developing medicines into one that is driven by public-health need. I feel a real rage when I encounter injustice and I’m passionate about systemic change which is why I’m so interested in the international access to medicines issue.

I really enjoy creative activism (getting dressed up and being surreal) and believe in its potential as a powerful campaigning tool when used correctly. I first experienced it’s influence as a member of the University for Strategic Optimism campaigning against the rise in tuition fees  and it was a big part of my previous role as coordinator of the Student Stop AIDS Campaign.

I think that our ability to progress as a society and be the best humans we can be rests on our ability to build a cohesive movement and I’m excited about how campaign lab will help us do that.

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