Facilitators & Speakers

Yuan Yang
Lab 3 Participant

Yuan is the co-founder of Rethinking Economics (rethinkeconomics.org), an international network of students and citizens organising to change economics. Rethinking Economics and its allied networks recently launched an international collaborative open letter (isipe.net), with signatures from 60 groups of over 30 different countries. They are seeking to make the economics curriculum more diverse, make economics more accessible in the public sphere, and enrich the marketplace of ideas within economics. Yuan studied Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at undergrad in Balliol College, Oxford. She then worked for a year at the Oxford University Student Union as a full-time Vice-President, working on gender equality. This opened her eyes to how much a small group of passionate can do, even in the face of long-established institutions. She has also worked for London Citizens, a community organising group.

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